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Why Do You Need My Book?

If you want to grow your business online then "The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell" will show you how focusing on customer satisfaction creates exponential growth for your company.

Influence Without Selling
Many people think sales is a dirty word when it comes to business; however, every relationship we make is based on sales. In the customer centered model, the concept of sales is focused more on being an influence on people and an authority in your field. In this book I discuss how to become the person people seek out and what you need to do to turn your customers into your brand advocates.
How to Get Found
What good is a business if customers aren't able to find it? How does a business owner maximize their exposure in the digital landscape without it costing a small fortune? I show you how to take your digital presence from nothing to being a leader in your field with strategies and resources I personally use in my businesses.
Practice What you Preach
In the information age, the reputation of your business is everything. All it takes is one or two unhappy customers to make you lose hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in lost revenue. In this book I lay out plans on how to make the happiest customers shine while repairing the relationship with unhappy customers so it doesn't ruin your hard work.
How to Keep Growing
What is the growth strategy for your business? Do you know the best ways continue the growth of your business? Expand on your digital presence as I walk you through ways to plan and set goals for yourself and your team to get your business to the place it should be years down the line.

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Hi, I’m Brian Greenberg.

I would like to show you my process of how I’ve made over $100,000,000 by focusing on customer satisfaction (not sales), which enabled me to automate and continually grow my businesses.

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