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By far the best service and customer feedback.

Good choice if you are also wanting a legal document resource.

Good overall service and support.

I suggest looking elsewhere.

Use their site for amazing info, though they have bad reviews.

Top recommendations

I've tried many incorporation services and believe in recommending companies that provide the best customer service. You don't want to mess up your incorporation paperwork so it is imperative the company you choose if available for questions and service. is my recommendation when using a paid service. They offer a simple process and responsive support.

RocketLawyer is a more encompassing service as it offers a legal document service. I have had a yearly membership to RocketLawyer for years and it has been incredibly useful. It makes it easy to create non-discloser, non-compete, and any other type of legal document you may need. They also offer incorporation services. The process to incorporate is not as smooth as Incfile, though the customer service is excellent.

We looked at many other incorporation services and don't want anyone to have one of the horror stories we see posted online. I do want to mention that has excellent information and resources on their site. If you want to find out information on incorporating it is the go-to place. Just wish they had better reviews.

Do some on your own

A good option is to buy the lower priced option at The most difficult paperwork in my opinion are the Articles of Incorporation and the preparation of Corporate Bylaws, or Operating agreement if forming and LLC. 

Creating and Employer Identification Number/Tax ID takes 5 minutes using the free IRS online form.

Regarding a Registered Agent service. I've formed about 10 companies and prefer to list myself as the registered agent. I don't see any benefit to using a service when you are incorporating in the state you live in. This is a useful service when required to have the registered agent in the state of incorporation and you don't have a location or live in the state.

Remember to file your Annual Reports if they are required. You can do this online in about 10 minutes and it is a huge pain if you miss them. 

For do-it-yourselfer. File all or part of the incorporation paperwork yourself

The process can be intimidating though if you are willing to put in a couple of hours to fill out paperwork, you can save about 60% of the cost to incorporate your business. See my post about how to file the paperwork yourself.